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BEES for the World is a social business which is committed to provide high-quality bee keeping products. Initials of our name give a hint about our aims:





We want to support African way of beekeeping in such a way to foster Biodiversity. In focus there is the support of local bee races and local ecosystems. With our partner organisation Bees for Development, we offer training and Education in African bee keeping and processing of bee products for producers in the Bees for the World producer network. With our work, we aim to Empower communities and especially young people, handicapped and women in Africa. Our projects help to build up economically independent producers, selling valuable, residue free, natural and high quality products by supporting regional ecosystems. Bees for the World aims to make ecological friendly, socially responsible and economically stable projects with small scale bee keepers and therefore contribute to the Sustainability in Africa and our world.


We are currently developing our web page. More information will be online soon!